About us

Spotless is a great success story

Our history goes back to 1946. Back then, Spotless was just one dry cleaning store in Melbourne. Today, we have an amazing team of some 36,000 people covering Australia and New Zealand.

You can find Spotless people working in places as diverse as airline lounges, major sporting venues, city offices and army barracks. From Christchurch to Perth, and Auckland to the Pilbara, wherever we are, we are always doing a job that needs to be done. And we are always delivering services professionally.

With the experience of our people, we can offer businesses increased efficiency through more than 100 support services. These services include: catering, maintenance, security, laundry and linen, waste management, environmental services, cleaning and many more.

No matter what the job, no matter where we are working, Spotless people take the attitude that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

As a large diverse company, Spotless today remains committed to the family values that we have lived by since day one. These values include honesty, respect and loyalty. People come first for us. No matter where we meet them and no matter what their role, we treat them the way we like to be treated. That’s the Spotless way.

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Some quick facts about Spotless

 In FY16, we:

  • Served food to 74 million customers.
  • Catered 10 million sports fans at stadia and major events.
  • Maintained 90,000 homes in public housing estates.
  • Washed 35 million sheets and 22 million industrial garments.
  • Managed 2.9 million check-ins across 19 remote mining accommodation villages.
  • Delivered 4.2 million hours of service to more than 200 healthcare providers.
  • Provided 150 security guards daily for the Victorian Racing Club Melbourne Cup Carnival, Victoria.
  • Purchased 5,800 tonnes of meat, poultry and seafood.
  • Managed more than 52 million meter reads.