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Quality assurance

Ensuring our food is always safe

Our food supplier Quality Assurance Program involves compulsory auditing to the Spotless Food Safety Standards for Suppliers. The Standard is HACCP based, and incorporates additional rigour to facilitate Spotless site food safety standards. Third party auditing to the Standard is conducted by Spotless approved audit agencies every six or 12 months depending upon the risk category of the product.

The Standard and audit regime ensures every supplier provides clean and safe foods for handling and consumption. It is the suppliers’ responsibility to provide Spotless with a new audit certificate following their audit confirming compliance to the Standard. Spotless monitor this through a specific resource and liaise with those suppliers who remain non-compliant.

For our current food suppliers Spotless has developed a food quality program that meets the highest industry standards. We are the only service provider in the industry that uses third party auditors to audit suppliers to these standards. 

In addition to food safety aspects, our quality assurance requirements also rigorously focus upon suppliers meeting minimum OH&S and insurance levels prior to being awarded accredited supplier status. 

Food Safety Standards

Spotless Approved Food Audit Agencies

BSI Group
Contact: Nicolas Carneiro +61 2 8877 7161

SGS Australia
Contact: John Moon +61 7 3622 4733

SAI Global
Contact: Warwick Kelly +61 447 647 395

Sci-Qual International
Contact: Geoff Cook or Lisa MacEwan
1800 998 999

Contact: Derek Mayall +61 7 3361 9200

Merieux NutriSciences
Contact: Pari Farr +61 3 8878 2119