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Our culture

An extraordinary culture. You have to experience it to believe it.

Our values

We live our values through...

Rolling up our sleeves is all about...

Being hands on. Jumping in and getting the job done properly for our customers - and for one another. A ‘can do’ attitude, not ‘might do’. We work hard. Always. 

  • When at work, we focus on the job at hand.
  • You may be asked to do other tasks within your skillset to maintain client service.
  • Attendance and punctuality are critical to ensure we're there for our clients.
  • Not every task is glamorous. But we understand it’s part of the job.
  • We work as a team because we know together we can achieve more.

Putting people first is all about...

Respecting, supporting and inspiring those we work with. Day in. Day out. 

Our culture is built on teamwork, encouragement - and helping each other be our best and enjoy our jobs. 

We’re ethical, trustworthy and reliable. 

  • Our people are integral to our success.
  • We prioritise safety – for ourselves, our customers and the community.
  • We provide flexible working arrangements.
  • Our pay and working conditions are equivalent to or better than market standards.
  • We embrace diversity in our workplace and welcome minority groups.
  • We address disrespectful conduct as a performance issue.
  • We provide employee support systems for personal and work-related issues.
  • We offer continuous learning with nationally recognised training programs.
  • We apply workplace policies and procedures equitably across the company.

Leading not following is all about...

Moving with the times. Setting the pace. Leading by example. 

Our story is one of evolution, rising to challenges and becoming the benchmark. 

We are capable experts. 

  • We employ experienced people with a true customer service attitude.
  • Everyone is responsible for completing their tasks.
  • We take pride in performing every job to a high standard.
  • We encourage development for aspiring leaders (through formal education and transfer/secondment opportunities).

Finding better ways is all about... 

Bringing fresh ideas to the table. Embracing curiosity. Thinking creatively to change at any opportunity. 

We’re always looking to improve what we do and asking how we can make a difference. 

  • Many of our workplaces have toolbox meetings where we seek staff feedback on operational matters most important to them.
  • We encourage workplace safety improvement suggestions.
  • We seek to minimise our impact on the environment through waste minimisation strategies.
  • We share successes and important information through weekly communication from the CEO.
  • We encourage staff at all levels to ask the CEO questions about why things are done a certain way.
  • We're interested in learning about employees' ideas on how we can improve processes.
  • We focus on improving service delivery to ensure clients are always satisfied.

Making every dollar count is all about...

Treating Spotless property and client assets as if they are your own. We are accountable. We are responsible for expenditure. 

Providing optimum return on investment to our shareholders is always top of mind - and shapes our financial decisions.

  • We complete client jobs on time - and to the highest quality.
  • We work with preferred suppliers to deliver client and shareholder value.
  • We monitor expenditure to ensure it is relevant to service delivery.
  • We do not tolerate stealing at any level.