Business and Industry

Now you can focus on your business. Leave the rest to us.

With a fully integrated solution from Spotless, you can dedicate your valuable time and resources to your core business. 

Spotless can support your business at all levels - across sites and installations. With a 50 year track record in the business sector, we consistently produce outstanding results. 

But we don't just manage your processes and paperwork. We work on the front-line and deliver these services ourselves wherever possible to pass maximum savings on to you.


Airport operations are complex. But with our fully integrated catering, cleaning and facilities management service, we help you simplify and streamline operations across the board.  

Commercial property

We can look after every aspect of your property - from facility management and maintenance to painting, cleaning and catering. We also manage all kinds of spaces from high-rise offices to government buildings.   


We can help you achieve your output and productivity goals without compromising your high quality standards and rigorous approach to safety.

Mass transport

While you focus on getting your customers from A to B, we ensure a superior customer experience. We keep your facilities clean and well-maintained - and provide a delicious range of dining options.

Warehousing and logistics

We'll keep your warehousing business running smoothly. From equipment cleaning of cranes to forklift fleet maintenance and catering, we help you become the strongest link in the supply chain.  

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