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Cleaning services

Quick, thorough, reliable cleaning

Spotless is one of the biggest names in the cleaning industry. We provide specialised cleaning, waste management and facility services to more than 5,000 sites across Australia and NZ.

Our 'clean team' of 8,000 professionals can clean any mess. In any space. In record time.

Cleaning services we provide

  • Industrial production areas, deep cleans, warehouses
  • General facilities - floors, carpet, glass, offices and public areas
  • Food preparation areas and commercial kitchens
  • Waste management
  • Washroom services - stocking soaps and towelling
  • Grounds and garden maintenance

Retail cleaning services

Spotless is the trusted name behind many of Australia's best known shopping centres. 

We have the resources to support your cleaning needs every day - through any unexpected challenge. And our rigorous focus on regulatory compliance means your public reputation will never be compromised.

Manufacturing and industrial cleaning services

This is one area where our cleaning teams really shine. 

Our cleaners often work at dangerous and highly sensitive sites such as oil refineries, power stations and manufacturing plants. They are highly trained to ensure compliance with all safety standards and legislations. 

Corporate and commercial property

From high and low-rise offices to shop-fronts, warehouses and government buildings, Spotless can help you maintain a clean environment for your staff and visitors.

We always use the latest cleaning technologies such as microfibre cloths and environmentally-friendly citrus-based cleaning products.

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