Food services

We believe that nutritional food is critical to patient recovery   

At Spotless we understand that patients' dietary needs must be aligned with clinical outcomes. And that requires specific skills and experience.

Spotless provides over 4.5 million meals a year to healthcare patients across Australia and NZ. And we'd be privileged to play a critical role to the overall care of your patients too.

Menu planning services we offer

All our food choices meet Australian and NZ Nutrient Reference Values - and the food and nutrition guidelines for all ages and population groups.

  • Nutritious, palatable and attractive meal choices
  • Meals for all dietary needs - including clinical, religious and psychological 
  • Meals comply with stakeholders' commitment to government guidelines
  • A value-for-money service to ensure financial sustainability
  • Environmentally responsible preparation and presentation
  • Scalability for changing needs 

Our nutritional intervention expertise  

  • Eating disorders
  • Renal
  • Paediatrics
  • Oncology
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Gastroenterology
  • Metabolic disease
  • Diabetes 

Our secret to productivity success

When it comes to productivity success, Spotless is proud to turn to its proprietary food management system, Buckeye.

Buckeye helps us ensure every patient receives the right meal. At the right time. At the right temperature. From the first to the last plate of service. 

After introducing Buckeye, one of our clients (a hospital that serves 1,500 meals a day) improved its meal accuracy from 88% to 95%.

With Buckeye, we're able to:

  • create individual meal plans and schedules for each patient's needs
  • reduce waste and food production costs
  • drive production scheduling, recipe management, quality assurance and nutritional analysis
  • forecast meal numbers taking into account admissions and discharges  
  • analyse meal consumption in each ward
  • report on production efficiency, stock values and meal consumption by business unit

Spotless retail food outlets

Through our retail outlets, Spotless baristas serve thousands of coffees to nurses, doctors, staff and visitors every week. And we provide a range of freshly prepared, healthy food selections.

But our retail food outlets offer more than just a place to grab a coffee or snack.They're a place to take a break from a demanding clinical environment. 

With a choice of outlet formats and service styles, our outlets also provide a revenue stream for hospitals delivering competitive rental returns. 

Meals on Wheels in NZ

Spotless provides over 220,000 meals a year to members of the NZ community who are at risk of poor nutrition. Working with district nurses, not-for-profit organisations and volunteers, we work in tandem with our main in-patient menus to deliver consistently high standards.

Meals on Wheels is also important for families. If their relative doesn't open the door or their meals are not being eaten, we may be the first to know something is not right. 

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