Maintenance services

We only employ the most experienced engineers

Facilities maintenance in healthcare is a 24/7 operation. It has direct impact on your productivity and success.

As maintenance experts, we're not just reactionary. We focus heavily on helping you reduce costs through prevention and strategic asset planning.

Spotless maintains some of the biggest hospitals in Australia and NZ. And we're involved in everything from refurbishing operating theatres and building new wings - to maintaining medical devices and specialised equipment. 

Our approach

  1. First we asses your buildings and facilities and recommend immediate strategies to optimise reliability, reduce emergency breakdowns and extend asset life.
  2. We design and implement energy initiatives to ensure your facilities are compliant.
  3. We tailor a service plan to maximise your return on investment across the board.
  4. We provide reports to support your planning functions.
  5. We provide capital planning advice and priority schedules based on condition assessments, operational risk and life cycle costings.
  6. We avoid disruption to day-to-day operations and plan around hospital workflows.

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