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Catering and hospitality

The standards by which other caterers are judged

Under our EPICURE and MUSTARD brands, we deliver seasonal, sustainable food in hundreds of iconic venues around Australia and NZ. 

We pre-plan every event in detail and liaise with key stakeholders at all levels.

EPICURE, MUSTARD and Spotless often work in partnership to provide an integrated approach. EPICURE or MUSTARD provide the fine food dining - while Spotless ensures retail outlets are fully stocked, ready to feed thousands.

Tailored catering services we offer

  • Restaurant fine dining
  • Retail food brands
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Special event catering
  • Coffee carts
  • Snack vending machines

Event food for general fans

Our event food for the general fans is about providing convenience and choice. 

Fast and efficient staff appreciate that watching the event is more important than waiting in queues. We offer all the event-day foods you'd expect - hot dogs, chips, meat pies – along with some you may not, such as crispy pork buns, crumbed calamari and gourmet hotdogs.

Some of our venues feature as many as 350 outlets  – including food and beverage branded outlets, dining rooms, express kiosks, cafes and bars. Here we manage teams of 2,000 staff, including 400 kitchen staff.

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