Food services

Nutritious, tasty meals for fuel and comfort

Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or a crib meal, we promote healthy food that's low in cholesterol, sugar, fat and sodium.

On remote sites, food plays a vital role in driving employee satisfaction and retention. 

Remote locations present particular challenges when it comes to maintaining quality food services. For example, ensuring there is always excess stock in the 'wet season' can mean the difference between baked beans or beef stroganoff for dinner.

Food services we provide

  • Six week cyclical menus - to ensure meals are never repetitive 
  • Comprehensive food safety plans 
  • Quality performance evaluations and audits 
  • Extra fun and spice with theme nights and BBQ grills 
  • Event catering for special visits, celebrations, race days and crew parties 
  • Full legislative compliance via microbiological testing of food and contact surfaces

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