Health and wellbeing

A focus on individual wellbeing and community spirit 

Health and fitness

Fit, healthy employees are happier and more productive - keeping employee retention high.

We work hard to increase the fitness and activity levels of your residents with a range of initiatives such as:

  • boot camps
  • personal training 
  • programs like "10,000 Steps".

Lifestyle management

Our lifestyle managers coordinate a range of team sports, recreational activities, entertainment and social evenings such as State of Origin nights, Bledisloe Cup nights and movie nights.

Supermarket and retail

The last thing your tired workers feel like doing at the end of their shift is driving into town for food.

Our village shop provides the ultimate in grocery shopping convenience. Stocked with branded products from reputable suppliers, we keep costs reasonable and purchasing convenient. This gives your employees more time to relax between shifts.

Find out more

Please contact us to learn more about our health and wellbeing services for the resources sector.