Laundry, linen and uniforms

We understand the challenges of tough conditions

Despite the distance from amenities and harsh climatic conditions, we have a strong track record providing linen and laundry services to the most remote of sites.

We understand challenges such as seasonal road closures, and have proven contingency plans to ensure our service always continues.

At one site we provide a laundry, PPE and locker service managing over 42,000 items weekly. We collect items from employees as they exit the mine and return them to their locker ahead of their next shift.

Laundry, linen and uniform services we provide

  • Offsite and onsite laundry services
  • We change and launder all bed linen, bath towels and mats
  • We provide individual mesh washable bags and manage personal laundry.
  • We provide onsite laundry services.
  • We use laundry consumables that reduce water usage and energy consumption while being 100% biodegradable.
  • We employ an agency to perform microbiological tests on all items, trolleys, vehicles, storage facilities, and washing and drying equipment across our facilities.

Find out more

Please contact us to learn more about our laundry, linen and uniform services for the resources sector.