Catering and hospitality

Spotless feeds 210,000 people a day. That's 76 million a year. 

Spotless provides healthy and delicious food to major stadiums, education dining halls, school canteens, hospitals, aged-care facilities and more.

  • We prioritise fresh, seasonal, local, organic, fair-trade and sustainable ingredients. 
  • Our award-winning chefs deliver healthy menus that taste incredible - every day.
  • Our managers are astute operators with a strong commercial focus. 

Measuring performance

At Spotless we report weekly on costs, service and quality - so that our clients can ensure we are delivering to contract terms. 

Our commercial models are flexible and include partial and full subsidies, profit-share, rental and hybrid. Regardless of the model, we work a solution to fit each client’s food, delivery and budget requirements.

Hospitality and catering services we offer

  • Major venue and event catering
  • Residential catering
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Residential catering
  • Business café and canteen services
  • Retail food and beverage

Our hospitality and catering brands

Alliance Catering

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