Spotless offers utility network and distribution design, construction and maintenance services. We are leaders in mass population services including metering, logistics and field operations.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Metering services and management

We visit about 275,000+ homes per day around Australia. After 25 years of reading meters, we own highly refined processes that deliver quality for our customers.

Our reading services include:

  • Cyclic meter reading—automatic and manual
  • Meter disconnections, restrictions and reconnections
  • Off cycle meter reading, special meter reading, final reads and property inspections

Spatial system and design solutions

Spotless has the experience, expertise and proven track record to deliver innovative spatial data and design solutions to public, private and government entities in the mining, energy and telecommunications sectors. Our services include integration of traditional methods, Light detection and ranging services (LIDAR) and spatial data with geographic information system and computer-aided design environment.

Our team overcome geographical terrain and access issues when installing and replacing meters.

Our systems enable our people to safely access difficult locations thereby maximising job completion rates.

Our services include: • Manual meter installation and replacement • Automatic meter reading installation and replacement • Smart/intelligent meter installation, replacement and maintenance • Embedded and sub metering • Solar metering • Contestable metering and current transformer metering services

Street light maintenance and globe replacement

Our maintenance services include bulk globe and lantern replacement programs, fault repairs, circuit testing, connection management and general cleaning. We maintain about 143,000 lanterns every year. We also offer an on-call service to manage issues resulting from extreme weather conditions.

Utility pole reinstatement

Our propriety RFD Pole Reinstatement System™ is an environmentally friendly and lower cost alternative to pole replacement. It employs a “positive bolted system” of ferrules and bolts to reinstate a pole’s optimum strength. This innovative system can extend pole life for up to twenty years and is easily installed in the most inaccessible of terrains.

Water conversation and monitoring

Skilltech SmartPipe™ is a fully managed hydrant access service patented in-built technology. The portable Skilltech SmartPipe™ now takes standpipe management to the next level. You can now: • Receive real-time data (time, locations, quantities) allows for immediate verification and queries from end users. • Access statistics for data-driven improvement, such as historical access and GPS location. • Limit water anomalies and regulate water extraction activities with geo-fencing technology. • Update your field equipment at no additional cost. Field repairs, yearly maintenance and calibration checks are all included. • Automated monthly billing to improve cash flow.

Asset inspection

We manage utility assets for small private operators through to large electricity distributors. With over 130 asset inspectors nationwide, we provide suitability testing, pole integrity testing, cross-arm and overhead asset inspection, line clearance and data recording for power poles, transformers and street lights.

Vegetation management

We are experienced in the rapid mobilisation of vegetation, arborist and horticultural services for utilities, councils, developers and corporate customers. We deliver vegetation management, power line clearance, vegetation surveys and data mapping, and bushfire mitigation management.

Electrical construction and maintenance

Building, upgrading and maintaining electrical networks with minimal supply interruption is our speciality. Our services include planning & design, logistics & resource management, major construction & maintenance, 24/7 faults & emergency response management and comprehensive ‘QA’ reporting.