Bendigo Hospital celebrates first year milestone in meals

The Spotless food services team at Bendigo Hospital has celebrated the hospital’s first 12 months of operations, serving its 500,000th meal to patients and residents.

“This is a significant and exciting milestone for the hospital, and our dedicated food services team,” said Dee Hunwick, Spotless Operations Manager. “We know hospital food and nutrition services play an important role in patient recovery, and maintaining the highest standards in food safety and hygiene while meeting the nutritional requirements for patient care is our highest priority.”

An average of 45,000 meals per month are produced in the hospital’s state-of-the-art kitchen for patients at the hospital and residents at Bendigo Health’s aged-care sites located across the city.

“There’s a huge amount of planning and work that goes into serving approximately 750 meals, three times a day; our team of 68 food services professionals are committed to getting each and every individual meal right,” Ms Hunwick said. “That means taking into account all the different dietary requirements and restrictions of patients – cultural, religious and personal preferences – as well as ensuring that we are following strict food safety and nutritional guidelines.”

The Spotless food services at Bendigo Hospital is led by Ms Hunwick, Angela Mulqueeney, Spotless Food Development Executive, Jason Cullen, Executive Chef and the food services management team. The team is dedicated to continually improving the quality and efficiency of the food services at the hospital, including expanding menu options, enhancing food presentation, and improving operational efficiencies in delivery times, quality control, food safety and managing patient feedback.

Spotless provides a range of services at Bendigo Hospital including facilities and asset management, portering services, catering, grounds management, carpark management, security services, cleaning, waste management and technology solutions.

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