Spotless advanced metering delivers ‘power of choice’

Integrated facility services provider Spotless has launched a smart metering model to help the utilities sector respond to changing regulatory, technological and digital data environments.

Spotless Advanced Metering (SAM) delivers a simple, efficient, scalable, whole-of-life metering proposition, which is delivered by a single contract, interface and fee.

From 1 December 2017, all new and replacement meters installed in homes and small business will be advanced digital meters. Spotless’ new business model provides a service direct to retailers, including meter supply and finance, installation and maintenance servicing, and remote digital services.

“It is a critical time for the utilities sector with innovation and market disruption impacting the industry,” said Spotless CEO Martin Sheppard. “In an increasingly competitive market place, advanced metering will change how networks, retailers, customers and regulators interact.”

With direct ownership of a local field services capability and all the on-the-ground expertise this entails, Spotless aims to be a “partner of choice” with leading providers.

SAM focuses on contract and operations efficiency, and effective risk allocation. It provides the required standards with the best possible value, allowing retailers to focus on their core retail energy business of today whilst providing a platform to help them to thrive tomorrow.

“At Spotless we have a crucial role to play and the industry, particularly retailers, can look to us to provide end-to-end metering services enabled through state-of-the-art technology, digital data capture and analytics, and operating and financing solutions,” Mr Sheppard said.

Spotless has a deep retail and customer expertise across the metering industry and a strong understanding of risks associated with the new market.

“We have previous experience from the Victorian Advanced Metering Infrastructure Program where we installed about 1 million smart meters. We also have capability in NSW and Southeast Queensland, where four times a year we read 3.5 million and 1.5 million meters respectively. This will ensure deployments performed for SAM meet the strict quality and safety requirements associated with this work,” Mr Sheppard said.