Spotless take a load off for Adelaide Koala Rescue

Spotless Laundries in South Australia has volunteered their time and service, collecting, washing and returning over 300 kilograms of linen daily to aid the Adelaide Koala Rescue (AKR). The not-for-profit charity has been providing shelter and round-the-clock care for koalas injured by the recent bushfires. 


The AKR has set up tents and beds as temporary homes for the recovering koalas inside their makeshift rescue centre. Every three to four hours the soiled bedding needs to be changed, resulting in very large quantities of soiled linen. 


Peter Williamson, Spotless General Manager SA Laundries, said “AKR were relying on volunteers to launder their towels, which would be around 50 loads a day for a domestic washing machine.  We’re glad we can help out using our commercial machines and the laundry collections and drop offs each day are a highlight for the team. It is great to see so many people volunteering their time and services 


The AKR established the rescue centre on 20 December 2019 after they were inundated by wounded koalas. As a volunteer run charity, they are grateful for the extra help they’ve received from organisations like Spotless. 


“A big THANK YOU to the Spotless Laundries Team whose contribution we are incredibly grateful for. By picking up our dirty laundry, washing and delivering our towels and sheets, Spotless has allowed many of our volunteers who were washing our koala linen to now have a hard-earned break,” said AKR Rescuer and Sponsorship and Fundraising Manager, Monica Belperio. “Thank you once again for your friendly service reliability and amazing community spirit because of Spotless, South Australia’s koalas have hundreds of clean towels on hand daily.” 


If you would like to learn more about the Adelaide Koala Rescue, please visit