Spotless provides more redeployment opportunities for staff

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, the strong positions of our team in Defence, Government, Health & Education, Laundries and Construction Services are providing us with opportunities for impacted staff to be reskilled and re-deployed in the areas that need further support.

A group of displaced staff from Spotless’ hospitality business will be redeployed into the resources business, in the first of many redeployments due to COVID-19. Thirty seven people who formerly provided catering services at Brisbane City Hall will temporarily relocate to the Hail Creek Mine, two hours south west of Mackay, to support our customer Glencore with increased operational demand.

General Manager Resources, David Morris said: “This is a credit to the Resources team in Brisbane, who have gone the extra mile to support the wider business and to look after those who have unfortunately been displaced. It is evidence of us delivering on our promises and working closely with our employees and customers to build stronger partnerships.”