Spotless trades visit Jabiru Academy

As part of our partnership with the Clontarf Foundation, different Spotless trades (electrician, plumber, carpenter, refrigeration mechanic) visit the school for tech class each week.

Spotless maintenance plumber, Kim Kerby, visited Jabiru Academy’s Trade Training Centre to spend a session with the Trade Pathway students, showing them how plumbing pipes are installed.

Students measured, cut and bent copper pipes and learned how to install the fittings that make up the maze of pipework inside the walls of their home.

From the training provided by Spotless so far, the students have built a 4×4 shed at the school (with the support from the Spotless team) and are installing a kitchenette equipped with lighting and insulation, with tools and materials provided by Spotless.

Spotless thanks the Resources sector and Kim for demonstrating such outstanding community engagement to the Academy.

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