Auckland South Corrections Facility

Spotless delivers soft and hard facility management services, asset management and refurbishment, as well as security management systems through our security subcontractor, Saab, under a comprehensive facility management subcontract with the Auckland South Corrections Facility prison operator. Spotless and our partner provide facilities and prison services under a 25 year contract with the PPP Project Co, SecureFuture, which in turn is contracted to the New Zealand Department of Corrections for the same term. FM service delivery is provided through a mix of 13 Spotless on-site staff and various subcontractors.

Utility consumption is continuously improved by actively monitoring the building management system and exploring new technologies such as LED lighting, rainwater harvesting and rescheduling. We also play an integral part in proposing solutions to the site Workplace Health and Safety and Security, through training, investigating new technologies, procurement, and maintaining risk registers.