Barwon Water SmartPipe Services

Barwon Water has been Spotless’ partner since the inception of an idea to better manage standpipe usage by bulk water users, such as water carters. The close association with Barwon Water through a series of field trials has led to the development of a tough, reliable, and user friendly Skilltech SmartPipeTM product and service.

Spotless provides Barwon Water with a full end-to-end portable hydrant access service that encompasses the provision, monitoring, maintenance and web portal visibility of bulk water taken from its network. The SmartPipe solution also allows 24/7 visibility of water usage by Barwon Water’s bulk water customers, allowing better management and administration of activities previously unseen.

A major advantage of the Skilltech SmartPipeTM is that Barwon Water can automate the billing of bulk water users. The requirement for regular visits to take manual reads of water usage is eliminated. Through a series of approved network access points, Barwon Water is also able to manage network demand and prevent occurrences of situation such as low pressure areas and access from unsafe locations.

The latest evolution of the SmartPipe solution is the “Find My Hydrant” phone application. The app allows water carters to locate approved access points close to their delivery location. Picking up water as close as possible to where it is to be used helps reduce operating costs and has positive safety implications for road safety.

Barwon Water is the first water utility to roll out the SmartPipe solution across its entire network. This deployment is now delivering the benefits envisaged when the concept was originally conceived, along with so many more. Skilltech SmartPipeTM was made possible by Barwon Water’s willingness to innovate and partner with Spotless.