Ergon Energy

Spotless has been providing mixed services to Ergon Energy for the past 16 years, through our Utilities Support Service companies – Skilltech and UAM (Utility Asset Management).

Skilltech has performed electricity meter reading for domestic, commercial, rural and industrial installations for Ergon Energy’s distribution service in Queensland since 2013. In 2015, Skilltech was awarded a new contract for North Queensland to provide meter maintenance, in addition to their existing contract to perform special meter reading, electrical reconnections and disconnection services.

UAM understands the geographical challenges. Our unique asset inspection and maintenance solution is tailored to Ergon Energy’s specific requirements and focuses on sustainability, covering:
– Ground-line and above ground condition of wood, concrete, steel and composite fibre poles
– Below ground inspection of wood, reinstated and steel poles
– Application and treatment for internal/external rot and termites
– Inspection of customer overhead service lines
– Assessment of conductor clearances and conditions
– Visual inspections of underground pillars
– Testing of SWER & Non-SWER earth resistances
– Switching access to the network for SWER sub-stations as required
– Quality and observation audits