Melbourne Airport

Spotless has provided mixed services to Melbourne Airport for over 10 years, including construction, facilities maintenance and asset management, as well as electrical services. In 2015, our AE Smith team finished construction of the main section for Terminal 4, installing a $16 million heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanical services package. The team also assisted in completing construction of the new Terminal 2 Bussing Airline Lounge Transit Expansion project.

Our facilities maintenance and asset management contract at Melbourne Airport spans more than 8 years and was renewed and expanded in 2015. Our contract now incorporates contact centres, asset management for the grounds and roads within the precinct and a 24/7 presence at the airport for continuous maintenance service.

Spotless’ electrical company, Nuvo Group, also engaged to design, supply, install and integrate the electrical infrastructure for Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 4 — a high efficiency a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System, sized to generate 46,000 kW per year — on the roof of the building, to reduce emissions, energy costs and impact greenhouse gas emissions from the building. The PV system supplies at least 1% of the total predicted energy consumed by the project building. The works involved refurbishing existing light fittings that had been in-situ for decades, and installing a timber upstand – complete with French polishing to match the ‘antique’ surrounds — around the perimeter of the café to house the extrusion strip lighting. Careful modifications of the light fittings were performed to maintain the heritage look whilst integrating modern lighting control technology.