New Royal Adelaide Hospital

As Facility Manager for the New Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH), Spotless deploys more than 700 staff to deliver the 15 essential services to support the hospital around the clock. We have been a part of the NRAH project since the beginning, participating in the design and construction phase and leading the mobilisation of the facility management services. The NRAH is one of the largest, and busiest hospitals nationally, but in particular, it is the most technologically advanced hospitals in Australia with state of the art clinical and support technologies including robotic Automated Guided Vehicles to transport food, linen and stores throughout the hospital; an inventory management system and a meal management system. All of the services must be delivered to exacting, best practice standards, with all services benchmarked every five years to ensure they continue to meet the latest delivery standards. The hospital-wide services are coordinated by our 24 hour helpdesk team utilising our computer aided facility management system to ensure that the closest, available and skilled staff member responds to the service requests promptly. Spotless is also the exclusive provider of commercial food and beverage provision at the hospital, across seven food outlets plus vending machines.