Sigma Healthcare

AE Smith’s long-term contract with Sigma Healthcare National provides our client with all refrigeration and cool room maintenance. The comprehensive service delivery includes a 24/7 call centre for an immediate response to any issues, in-house engineering for upscaling projects and a personalised team dedicated to the account. AE Smith understands the operational drivers, unique requirements and challenges of Sigma’s different critical facilities and has looked after all of their fixed assets since 2012, providing condition assessments for their plant and all their equipment so that Sigma can focus on streamlining their operations.

“AE Smith we have found to be very proactive, professional and experienced when it comes to providing refrigeration and cool room services. The advantage in engaging AE Smith is that they have 24/7 call centre, in house engineering for larger scale projects and dedicated national accounts management team to proactively manage the account. In extending AE Smith for a further 3 years, we appreciate and value a partnership approach in managing all fixed assets across the Sigma network. We appreciate the added value AE Smith offer to Sigma to strategically and financially plan for works.” – John Telios, National Facilities and Security Manager