The Avenue Private Disaster Recovery: Flood

Nuvo Group was called to assist the The Avenue Private Hospital (131 beds, 8 Operating Theatres, owned by Ramsay Health) in Windsor with a flood in the basement caused by external circumstances. The entire basement was one metre underwater including the main switchboard for all power requirements for the Hospital. The Nuvo Group Disaster Recovery Plan mobilised a key team of Nuvo staff including senior electricians, planners, engineers and managers, to work with the hospital operations team to assess the critical state of the main switchboard and the hospital functionality, and assist with the resulting hospital evacuation. The evacuation of 160 orthopaedic patients took over 12 hours and the required use of some 50 ambulances to move the patients to other hospitals within the Group.

Nuvo Group organised emergency generators for essential supplies and worked closely with A-Line Group to commence the removal and re-building of the main switchboard with materials flown in from Singapore and Sydney. Teams worked around the clock over a nine day period to meet a tight schedule and re-establish power to the Hospital. Ramsay Health was informed throughout via real-time status updates.

The final inspection and coordination with Citipower to re-instate the power was completed 24 hours ahead of schedule to allow the hospital preparation time prior to normalized operating conditions.

The Nuvo Group is called on every year to assist with Disaster Recovery incidents and planning at a variety of sites.