As a leader in our field and employer of over 36,000 people, we understand the extent of the lives and communities we impact and we are committed to making positive contributions as a good corporate citizen through our social and environment programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Spotless employs and works with a diverse number of people from all walks of life and, with operations across a broad geographic footprint, is uniquely positioned to create positive change and equal access to opportunity for all.

“Spotless is committed to being an excellent Corporate Citizen. Ensuring our corporate citizenship strategy forms part of our culture and involves our employees, clients, customers and the communities in which we deliver services, will result in sustainable and positive outcomes for all. It makes good business sense.”

—Peter Tompkins, CEO

Our focus areas

Through our contributions to driving positive community impact, diversity and inclusion, sustainability and building strong partnerships, we aim to deliver great experiences in everything we do.

Community impact

Positive contributions to the community through our social and environment programs

Diversity & Inclusion

Providing meaningful employment and development opportunities to all people from all walks of life


Leading in sustainable and resilient business, environmental and social outcomes

Building partnerships

Leveraging our partnerships to create greater impact. Together we can do more