Embracing diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are a huge part of who we are – we know that when people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives come together, great things happen for our business, clients and community.  Our company culture is underpinned by our vision to provide a great employee experience in a safe, engaging and values-driven workplace that encourages our people’s skills, pride and career opportunities.

Our employee engagement portfolio supports progressive employment of people across the company and diversity our workforce, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are committed to offering meaningful employment opportunities to people from all walks of life, aiming to break the cycle of unemployment in our community by assisting disadvantaged people in their pursuit of employment.


We seek to achieve positive engagement that develops and supports the needs of our clients, the community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a meaningful way, namely through our Indigenous Engagement and Employment Program, Reconciliation Action Plan and collaborative partnerships.

Reducing cultural gaps and encouraging cultural awareness are important issues when ensuring long-term opportunities are available to Indigenous people.  Our Reconciliation Action Plan is the cornerstone of cultural training across Spotless, which focuses on raising awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage, acknowledging important cultural celebrations, reviewing workplace practices and implementing inclusive strategies, providing pre-employment training, and driving our Indigenous Management Graduate Program and mentoring to increase the number of Indigenous Australians employed across the business.

Our Indigenous Engagement Plan is adapted to individual clients and their requirements. Spotless managers are responsible for implementing and monitoring the effectiveness of the plan to meet our indigenous engagement employment targets. We also have established business relationships with Job Seekers Australia, Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Supply Nation, local community groups, traditional owners and schools, in addition to partnerships with not-for-profit organisations, Clontarf Foundation and role Models and Leaders Australia.

View our Indigenous Engagement profile for more information or visit the Careers site to learn more about working for Spotless.

The Federal Government’s Employment Parity Initiative aims to drive opportunities for Indigenous businesses to grow and increase Indigenous employment; and Spotless is a proud partner of the initiative. Increasing the amount of goods and services we purchase from registered Indigenous Businesses and supporting our growing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce, which represents 1.17% of our workforce in Australia.

Jesse Gleeson-Johns’ family is originally from the Torres Strait Islands. He saw an opportunity with Spotless to continue his apprenticeship and learn about all the different areas in food prepping, cooking and catering. “I thought it was a great opportunity to expand my passion around the industry with a large company.”

Jessica Burrell, cleaner, Modbury Hospital South Australia.

Spotless site managers had no hesitation in offering Jessica a place on the team at the Modbury Hospital after completing two weeks work experience there as part of her course with Job Active, Job Prospect. Her work as a cleaner for Spotless at the hospital has inspired her to become a nurse and she is currently exploring the avenues of study to take her there.


With one in five Australians now living with a disability (including mental health conditions) it’s more important than ever to acknowledge this important segment of the workforce. We provide the appropriate tools and skills to empower employees to create sustainable, long-term careers.

We work with the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator and other disability employment service providers to strengthen our position as a disability-confident employer and provide a recruitment process where candidates are able to focus putting forward their abilities, not their disability, facilitating an equal opportunity to be considered for selection, appointment, promotion, transfer and training.

Disadvantaged Groups

Disadvantaged groups and individuals need support and guidance at every stage of the employment process – from interview through to basic employability training and learning the specific skills required for the role.

Whether we are providing a first job opportunity in a new country, or training and skills to the long-term unemployed, we tailor programs to suit the needs of the individual group, particularly for:

  • Long term unemployed
  • Asylum seekers and refugees establishing their life as a resident of Australia as part of the Migration Council’s Friendly Nation Initiative.

We deliver support to help people gain the skills and confidence they need in the form of:

  • Work experience
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • On-the-job training
  • Traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Supported work environments
  • Mentoring programs.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Spotless, we view the diversity of our workforce as a major strength, giving our teams greater understanding, empathy and tolerance, in addition to enhancing our productivity and team performance.  Our success as a business is a direct reflection of the quality and skills of our people who provide a variety of perspectives, skills, experience, relationships, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preference and disability to everything we do. And our unique mix of locations, services, and demographic spread enables and showcases our diverse workforce.

We have equal gender participation in our workforce and are committed to driving gender equality in senior leadership positions, reducing the gender pay gap, and complying with reporting obligations under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

Closing the gender gap

55% of our employees across Australia and New Zealand are female, and women hold 20% of our senior executive positions and 50% of non-executive board director roles. Driving gender equality is a key part of our business strategy.

Our workplace also supports and encourages the employment of mature aged workers. Employees aged over 55 years make up 17 percent of our workforce.

“I was surprised to learn about so many areas in a fairly short time,” says Damien Sedan, born in QLD, raised in Darwin and living in Melbourne, and who wants to work with youth and community members in Community Services.


We employ approximately 10,000 staff aged between 16-24 years – who make up an essential part of our workforce. We provide exposure to a vast range of industries and roles in a supportive and nurturing environment, to have access to a wide variety of jobs and the opportunity to learn valuable skills, undertake diverse training and gain broad industry experience.

Traineeships have been offered at Spotless since 1984, providing nationally recognised qualifications by combining on-the-job knowledge with training in the workplace. Today we employ almost 500 trainees through our National Vocational Training Program, giving them the skills and knowledge to create new opportunities for themselves.

We also support school-based traineeships to help young individuals get a head start with their careers — beginning an Australian Apprenticeship/Traineeship while still working towards their senior secondary school certificate. Work experience programs are also available that provide an engaging experience in the workforce.

Our Graduate Executive Program enables tertiary qualified graduates gain practical commercial experience to launch their careers. Graduates rotate through a number of our various support departments and sectors, working with senior managers and assuming responsibility for assigned portfolios of work.

Imogen Wells, Graphic Designer, Spotless Head Office Melbourne.

Imogen Wells is originally from Tasmania. Three months after beginning the Spotless Indigenous Graduate Program, she rotated into the marketing division in the role as a Junior Graphic Designer. She has since been promoted to a Graphic Designer position at the Head Office in Melbourne. Imogen has been instrumental in the development of our Indigenous artwork for our Indigenous Engagement Program.