Building partnerships that support our causes

We understand that working together means accomplishing far more than we might alone. For that reason, we are focused on developing partnerships and sponsorships that deliver prolonged and meaningful benefits for our employees, clients and the wider community. Below are some of our collaborative efforts that have helped us to create greater impact within our communities.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Employment Parity Initiative

We continue to grow our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce through our inclusion in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (DPMC) Employment Parity Initiative (EPI). Our Indigenous Engagement strategies and new employment and retention strategies are aimed at increasing Indigenous engagement to achieve parity that’s reflective of the size of the Indigenous population.

National Community Enterprises (NCE)

Our partnership with NCE — a not-for-profit organisation that provides retraining and employment opportunities for people with employment barriers — has facilitated the involvement of 75% our service delivery partners in a number of States to join the Industry Participation Contribution Scheme. This has made a powerful contribution to the financial support of community programs and employment opportunities for individuals faced with employment barriers. In addition to financial support, we additionally endeavour to engage local participation in our projects through our in-house retraining and employment programs.

Clontarf Foundation & Role Models and Leaders Australia (RMLA) Partnerships

Spotless supports the programs delivered by RMLA and the Clontarf Foundation, to develop and empower young Aboriginal men and women through sport, leadership, education and employment. We aim to foster a positive relationship within these partnerships in order to focus on improving the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and women to expand their career prospects. In particular, through these partnerships we have been able to directly support the RMLA Girls’ Academies: Perth’s Clontarf Girls’ Academy and Kununurra Girls Academy, and Karratha’s Clontarf Academy for young men in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Edward Gordon, Utility Worker, Ruby Jo Gas site QLD. Edward is supported by the Spotless Indigenous Mentoring Program and was referred to the Spotless Ruby Jo Gas Site as a utility worker. His goal is to work hard, gain as much experience as possible and work his way up the ladder into higher management.

National Disability Recruitment Centre

Approximately 18.5% of the population have a disability and 21% are affected by long term illness. Our partnership with the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NRDC) facilitates our strategy to assist those living with a disability and raise awareness of the employment barriers that they face.  A key component of the Spotless commitment to working with NDRC and Disability Employment Service (DES) providers is the development of career opportunities and pathways for people with disability Generation One.

Friendly Nation Initiative and Asylum Seeker Resource Centres

Migration is integral to Australia’s economy and society. Most refugees and migrants have a strong desire to work and, through employment, make valuable contributions to our communities, bringing international experiences and cultural perspectives to develop new ideas for business. Supporting the transition of refugees and migrants into the workforce is part of our community engagement strategy.

Understanding the value of the Arts

We believe the arts are important for enriching the lives of people from diverse backgrounds in the community. Arts, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts activities enhance our communities through museums, theatres, concert halls, and galleries and we are proud to partner with initiatives such as Melbourne’s MPavilion.