We aim to reduce our environmental footprint and operate more sustainably – in every aspect of our business.

To complement our other Corporate Citizenship strategy commitments, we have a leading commitment to protect the environment, prevent pollution and engage in sustainable practices to reduce our operational footprint; and help our stakeholders achieve the same. Our approach is inclusive; we work with our suppliers to encourage them to also provide us with best practice solutions, to enable a socially responsible, long-term and sustainable mindset within our business and in the wider community.

Powering energy efficiency

Our trigeneration power system at Sydney Town Hall is the first trigeneration system in New South Wales to feed into the power grid. The 1,400 kilowatt system will cut carbon emissions by more than 40,000 tonnes over its 30-year lifetime. The seven 200 kilowatt capstone microturbines are designed to follow the electrical demand in the building during summer and winter months to reduce energy consumption up to 90% while also meeting peak period demands. We aim to be a leading provider of these energy technologies, providing sustainable and secure power solutions into the future.

Supporting sustainable buildings

As facility managers of ICC Sydney, we operate and maintain Australia’s largest CBD roof top solar array. At the size of 12 tennis courts, ICC Sydney’s 520kW PV array provides up to 5% of the building’s energy needs, equivalent to powering more than 100 homes every year and contributing to the venue’s 6 Star Green Star Communities (v1) rating. The nation’s first publicly-funded renewable energy project is another way we are coming together with the community to create socially responsible and environmentally sensible spaces that we can all enjoy. We are also partnering with Sydney University to improve thermal control and energy usage of the 35,500m2 event space.

Environmental efficiency in healthcare

When completed, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) will be Australia’s most technologically advanced and energy efficient hospital, delivering advanced healthcare with environmental benefits. Spotless’ facility management services will be key to daily operations of South Australia’s largest hospital. A vital part of our facilities management contract is to develop and manage the Environmental Management Plan and ESD strategies, incorporating effective waste management, water conservation, and energy efficient practices to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and meet its sustainability expectations.

Tackling Food Waste

Food waste is a growing global problem, as it is a precious lost resource which has many detrimental impacts including economic, social and environmental. We are leading with an approach to reduce food waste in our operations through the use of smarter sustainable systems. Currently, we have deployed food waste dehydration technology solutions at five sites with several more in development. Our current annual capacity to divert food waste from landfill is over 400 tonnes, which will grow to over 1000 tonnes in the near future. Our current food waste program leads to avoiding over 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, preventing 200 tonnes of harmful leachates entering groundwater; and, recovering 800 m3 of landfill space each year.

Leadership in Environmental Management

Profitable, lasting and responsible growth in our operations are at the foundation of our commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of our employees, customers and partners. We continuously review and improve our systems to maintain our ISO 14001 certification in environmental management — ensuring that we continue to operate effectively and in a socially and environmentally responsible way. By aligning with the respected international standard, and through our memberships and subscriptions to industry leading forums and networks, we aspire to excellence in environmental sustainability management.

Spotless commits to cage-free eggs by 2023

We take our obligation to responsibly deliver sustainable food services to our customers and the wider community seriously, which is why we have committed to source all shell eggs from cage-free hens across our entire operations by 2023. Spotless sources approximately more than 6 million shell eggs nationally on an annual basis. As a major egg purchaser, our cage-free egg commitment is a large undertaking and allows us to make a significant contribution to animal welfare across the country. We will continue to support local suppliers and work closely with our partners and supply chains to join us in providing sustainable and ethical food services.