EPICURE announces new Director of Culinary Operations

Spotless welcomes Travis Dines to his role as EPICURE’s new Director of Culinary Operations [Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Special Events]. As the stand-out candidate for this role, Travis celebrates 20 years with EPICURE, and has an extensive experience in managing first-class food experiences for small and large-scale events.

Having traversed Australia and overseen multiple food experiences across the country, Travis held the position of Executive Chef for MCG and Special Events for two years before accepting his new role.

With the perfect personality and skill fit for the role, Travis is attracted to the creativity and social side of hospitality. A key intent of Travis in this new role is to further nurture his team, and to continue to create a positive EPICURE experience; training apprentices, as well as creating and attracting the next generation of extraordinary chefs.

“My first job was as an apprentice at the Victorian Arts Centre, delivering high quality food at a reasonable scale. I thought it was so exciting and glamorous, and that passion and feeling has never waned. We have to continuously innovate, our kitchens are filled with the latest in catering equipment and technology, and I work at the most respected high-end caterer in Australia.”

EPICURE’s Victorian State Manager for Leisure, Sports & Entertainment, David Mercer, explains that Travis’ role is a critical one that upholds and evolves the vision of EPICURE. 

“The expectations of our clients and their patrons is extremely high. It is actually not hard to cater for a large amount for people – there are plenty of catering companies that can do that. The difficulty and skill lies in catering for a large amount of people and making them feel that they are still having a unique, personal experience. Often we will work with some of Australia’s most notable restaurant chefs, who are frequently in awe of what Travis and his team can do. His expertise is in creating a restaurant quality dish and then delivering it to 10,000 people, without compromising any element of it.”

Travis recently successfully led the EPICURE team through AFL Grand Final week and will lead the EPICURE team in the upcoming 2015 Spring Carnival at Flemington.