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This page has been created for all Spotless employees particularly those who may not have a Spotless email address, to provide COVID-19 health-related information, support information and resources.

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20 April 2020

This is an update regarding the JobKeeper Payment Scheme.

We have been working with Government officials to seek clarification regarding Spotless’ eligibility to participate in the JobKeeper Payment Scheme.  On the current rules, we do not meet the criteria for eligibility.  While we will continue to explore our options, that may take some time.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider your financial situation if you are an impacted employee. We realise how disappointing this is and we will let you know if this situation changes regarding Spotless’ eligibility.

We strongly encourage you to consider other financial avenues such as applying for the JobSeeker payment for temporary financial assistance during this difficult time.

Separate to the JobKeeper Scheme, Downer and Spotless have been working to finalise a Hardship fund for those employees experiencing severe financial hardship made up from pay-cuts and other contributions.  To access the fund, an application process applies for a one-off payment.  This process is being finalised and will be announced early next week.

We are continuing to cross train and place affected employees into temporary roles as part of our aim of keeping our people in paid work.  If you’re interested in redeployment opportunities, please register your interest by visiting the Redeployment Opportunities page.


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