Free and confidential counselling through CARE, our Employee Assistance Program provided by Assure Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic is an uncertain and challenging time for many people. For some of us, the concern may be around the impact on our health—or the health of our loved ones, for others it may be adjusting to social isolation or new ways of working, for some it could be fears about the long-term economic impact. Whatever it is, we want to remind you of the free and confidential support that is available to you through our EAP/wellbeing partner, Assure Programs.

Through Assure, you—and your immediate family members—can access these professional services:

  • Confidential Counselling of up to four sessions, for two issues or concerns per year, with an experienced psychologist for practical support for any personal or work concern. Counselling is commonly provided for: understanding and coping with anxiety; relationship/marital challenges; coping with stress; workplace concerns, including managing pressures; parenting and family difficulties and managing mental health
  • Financial Coaching of up to four sessions for: budgeting; reducing costs; debt consolidation; financial planning
  • Wellbeing Coaching of up to four sessions, to proactively engage with a psychologist to implement strategies to achieve your personal or professional goals, including wellbeing and resilience
  • Nutritional Support of up to four sessions for: weight loss; meal planning and prep; allergies and intolerances
  • Legal Advice of one session for: personal legal matters: estate, property, personal injury etc; family law matters (where to start); work related concerns
  • For Managers, a comprehensive Manager Support service is offered for prompt access to practical people management advice, including tips to stay connected to your team, supporting someone remotely who’s mental health you are concerned about, and many more (1800 505 015)

All appointments are provided by phone and are usually one-hour in length.

For a confidential discussion, information and appointments, please call:


Contact Details

CARE (for all Australian Employees and their families)

1800 808 374

I-CARE (Indigenous Cultural Assist and Response)

1800 671 561

Manager CARE (Manager Assist Program)

1800 505 015

Don’t want to talk? Try text message service

Text “CARE” to: +61 0439 449 876

Assure Programs Email and Website




You can also visit to request an appointment and visit the Resources Centre for tip sheets and other useful information.


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