Welcome to the Spotless Employee Redeployment Information hub

Our aim is to keep our people in paid work. Through Project Avail, we are able to redeploy displaced employees in other temporary roles that are in demand at the moment. These roles are often in Healthcare in nonclinical roles, including catering, cleaning and laundries.

If you are at Spotless employee and have received your letter with information about redeployment, you will be able to register your interest.

Spotless has a dedicated recruitment team who are seeking redeployment opportunities across the business. They will be matching your preferences, skills and capabilities with opportunities which may arise. We recognise that redeployment might not be an option for all Spotless employees.


There are six steps:

  1. Register your Interest for Redeployment by completing the survey.  Only complete the survey once. Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2KTX9H7
  2. Spotless Recruitment team will review your details and contact you when a suitable position is available
  3. You’ll need to provide verbal acceptance of offer
  4. Where required, additional training will be provided (depending on role), and needs to be completed
  5. You will receive a new employment contract which you will need to sign and return ASAP
  6. Commence


Other Spotless roles

To view other Spotless roles currently available go to our Careers Page https://www.spotless.com/careers/


We realise that this is a very difficult time for affected employees.  There is financial support provided by the Federal Government, via Centrelink.