Innovation in Food Services – Spotless explores future trends in food services

As part of our focus on Innovation, Spotless hosted an interactive Future Food Trends immersion workshop on Tuesday 21st June, to explore key emerging food services trends and identify themes for further exploration.

The workshop included people from across Spotless from General Managers, External consultants, Managers, Food Development staff, Innovation team members through to gen-Ys across our business. We covered trends in people and society, health and wellness, new foods, food channels and emerging start-ups.

Participants explored the trends and shared their ideas for new market opportunities that might exist for Spotless going forward, and discussed ways to get there.

Matt Hill, National Retail Manager, said:

“The Food Trends session was insightful and thought provoking. It helped crystalise the need within our food business to further enhance our capabilities in greater product innovation, focused media and branding development, and a faster response to market.”

Rachel Dolan, Retail Marketing Manager MCG, noted:

“Having a workshop dedicated to food was a like a breath of fresh air. It was an invaluable experience to discuss what key food trends are emerging globally and to reflect on how we, in turn, could adapt our business to react to these changes. This new progressive approach from Spotless is really exciting and I am honoured to be a part of the transition which is taking place.”

Future Food Trends Immersion Workshop