MCG and Spotless on a good wicket freeing hens from cages

Cricket fans at Melbourne Cricket Ground’s Boxing Day Test had even more reason to celebrate, as the 5000 eggs served at the venue for the 73,516 fans were served with the reassurance they came from cage-free hens. Spotless, the MCG’s official caterer, has pledged to go completely cage-free with their shell egg supply by 2023, joining a movement of major brands including McDonald’s, Subway, Grill’d, Coles, Woolworths and ALDI who are all freeing hens from battery cages.

Spotless’ premium caterer at the MCG, EPICURE, is already serving only cage-free eggs, and will be joined by the rest of the venues catered for by Spotless by 2023. As one of the country’s largest food service providers, Spotless serve over 6 million eggs nationally each year.

Spotless Executive General Manager, Hospitality and Facilities Management, Michelle Dixon welcomed this exciting new chapter for the company. “Spotless takes our obligation to responsibly deliver sustainable food services to our customers and the wider community seriously, which is why we have committed to source all shell eggs from cage-free hens across our entire operations by 2023.”

“As a major egg purchaser, our cage-free egg commitment is a large undertaking and allows us to make a significant contribution to animal welfare across the country,” Michelle said. “The shift also helps us to continue supporting local suppliers and work closely with our partners and supply chains to drive sustainable and progressive procurement.”

“Whether at the cricket or at home, Australians care about where their food comes from, and the welfare of the animals farmed to provide it. There are currently more than 10.7 million hens living a miserable existence confined to bare and cramped cages, with less space each than an A4 piece of paper,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil.

“Many consumers who are buying cage-free eggs in the supermarket may not realise they’re consuming eggs from hens who live their life confined in a cage when eating at restaurants, cafes and other venues. That’s why it’s so exciting to see Spotless committing to only serve cage-free eggs.”

Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) CEO Stuart Fox is delighted the MCG is supporting the RSPCA’s Cage Free and Proud campaign. “As Australia’s leading sports venue we have a responsibility to lead the way in all areas of our operations,” Mr Fox said.

“Being a cage-free egg venue is another important initiative I’m proud that we are supporting with our partner Spotless, who are proving that you can build a successful business based on good animal welfare. This is part of our continued commitment to sustainability.”