Paying tribute to the unsung heroes of our workplaces

Spotless Facilities Services has provided cleaning services at Southland Girls High School (SGHS), Invercargill, New Zealand, since 1975. The success of the long-standing Spotless contract has been largely based on Spotless employee, Shirley Fasi’s commitment and dedication to the school community.

Shirley Fasi was employed as a cleaner for the school in 1976 and has dedicated 40 years of care to the school. Her commitment to her work goes beyond making sure the space functions well for staff and students on a daily basis and providing a clean and safe environment.

“Shirley has worked under several principals and deputy principals and has lived through many educational shifts and changes in staffing. She is a listening ear and a good friend to many staff and their families,” says Noreen Melvin, Deputy Principal at SGHS.

The timely tribute to Shirley’s dedication comes as “Thank Your Cleaner Day 2016” is being celebrated in New Zealand on October 19, to acknowledge the hard work and important contribution cleaners make on a daily basis. As the unsung heroes of almost every workplace, they play a vital role in maintaining public health and the work they do is critical for every successful business.

Shirley Fasi (L) and Deputy Principal of Southland Girls School, Noreen Melvin.