Pillar Ambassador Awards

The Spotless Values in Action Awards provide an opportunity to recognize our committed and talented employees for living our values every day as well as showcasing and celebrating some of the outstanding individual and team achievements across our Company.

For this year’s awards, we are particularly interested in a more customer centric focus. We are looking for individuals and teams who demonstrate living our values every day and by doing so have achieved fantastic outcomes for our customers through creating great experiences!

Nominations for these company-wide recognition Awards are open to all Sectors and Support Services, across Australia and New Zealand, and can be for an individual or team, and can be submitted by either managers or peers. You can nominate more than once, however a new form is required for each nomination.

The 2018 award nominations are now open and will close on 31 July 2018. Nominations received from 1 August 2018 will be considered for 2019 awards. Winners of all categories will receive an award and a cash prize and will be announced at the end of the year. Please fill out all fields as accurately as possible to ensure your nomination is received successfully. Thank you for participating and recognizing the achievements of your work colleagues.

Do you know a Spotless employee or team who has provided a great customer experience?

Nominate them now for our customer centricity focused values this year!


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For more information on the Spotless Values in Action Awards, you can email: