Resources team supports Clontarf Foundation’s Jabiru Academy

As part of our partnership with the Clontarf Foundation, Spotless Head Chef Michael Grist from our Resources sector works closely with the Jabiru Academy to host cooking classes for students, equipping them with cooking skills they can take home.

The classes have received great feedback from Clontarf Academy Director Leith Waterbury, who recognises how much the students enjoy themselves.

Michael looks forward to working further with Clontarf to focus on healthy lifestyles, nutrition, planning and training within the school community, and said:

“Joshua (Southon), Ben (Short) and I find the work that we do very satisfying and rewarding. We have built strong relationships within this community inside and outside of work.”

Michael will soon assume the role of judge in the Community Centre Bake-Off, after being approached to participate in the much-anticipated event.

Spotless thanks Michael for his community work as part of our Indigenous Engagement Program and partnership with the Clontarf Foundation.

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