Spotless has been providing quality laundry management services since 1946. From a dry cleaning shop-front business 70 years ago, our business has grown to become Australia’s leading provider of laundry management services.

With 13 commercial laundries servicing 4,800 clients across Australia and New Zealand and processing over 120,000 tonnes of laundry every year, we’re experts in professionally managing laundry services. We are committed to supplying our clients with only the finest-quality linen and uniforms. We service the workwear and linen requirements of small and large businesses in the manufacturing, mining, construction, transport, healthcare, hospitality and food industries.

Our clients benefit from:

  • • Our broad national footprint
  • • Dedicated personal account management
  • • In-depth reporting
  • • Smart technologies
  • • Reliable pickup and delivery
  • • Online garment tracking
  • • Online ordering
  • • Environmentally sustainable practices
  • • High safety and quality standards
  • • Online access 24/7



Spotless laundries specialise in linen and garment laundry services with rigorous, audited standards of infection control. We provide laundered linen for over 45,000 hospital beds, as well as medical garments across Australia and New Zealand. All of our plants and laundry processes embed best practices and certifications to meet the Australian ISO 4146 standards for microbiological contamination control. You can rest assured that sterility has been comprehensively assessed throughout our collection, laundering and delivery processes.

We supply over 10,000 sterile and non-sterile packs of linen—drapes, barrier fabric, disposable products, linen wraps and gowns—per week to operating theatres, day stay units and clinics. Our linen is used in all areas of healthcare including maternity services, palliative and emergency care, and are put together in dedicated clean rooms and released with sterility assurance. We manage the collection, laundering and return of linen, as well as portering services to distribute materials throughout care facilities.


We provide the right workwear solutions for food and catering, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and industrial environments—and will launder and deliver it anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. In partnership with industry experts, we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of workwear that focuses on durability, protection, breathability, high visibility and specialist performance—complying with the highest Australian and New Zealand standards of safety, longevity and industrial performance.


Our garment tracking system monitors individual garments with a unique barcode label for each item that captures information to provide reports on delivery, usage and wear and tear. Garment tracking allows for efficient inventory management and maximises usage while minimising stock requirements —reducing laundering costs for our clients.


From standard hospital grade to 5-star hotel requirements, Spotless is a leader in linen design, choice, quality and durability. We provide a wide range of high-quality linen—clients can use our linen rental services or purchase from a competitive range of sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, napkins and tablecloths—and offer a full laundry service of all textiles from linen and workwear to cleaning materials and aged-care personals. Our linen and laundry management services meet all commercial needs, ensuring that the correct volume of clean, premium linen and laundry is always available for your business.


Our comprehensive range of mats and floor care accessories are designed to maintain a clean, hygienic and safe workplace, by trapping dirt and other contaminants, and remove 80% of the solids and moisture that creep into your workplace. The mats attack mildew to minimise germ growth, while providing high-quality grit and moisture control to reduce slips and falls. Our services include laundering, mat maintenance and replacement.


Our cleaning solutions—scissor mops, sweeping cloths, treated mops and hand dusters—employ the Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Disposable Microfibre System, which offers a superior cleaning performance and increased durability. The patented microfibre technology removes up to 99.9% of microbes, ensuring optimal infection prevention. Our rental program guarantees your cleaning products are regularly laundered and maintained.

Mitchell Brown | General Manager Growth & Development – Laundries |
New Zealand
David Phyn | General Manager, Laundries – NZ |