Managing 16 commercial laundries, employing more than 2,400 people and processing more than 100,000 tonnes of laundry a year across Australia and New Zealand means we provide best practice laundry management services. Our clients benefit from:

  • Monitoring of quality and customer satisfaction at all times
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Garment tracking
  • Detailed reporting to minimise expenditure.
  • Smart technologies to ensure delivery in full, on time
  • Continually improved environmentally sustainable practices
  • Products that exceed the highest safety and quality standards

Our integrated range of services include:

Healthcare and sterilised linen

The efficient management of linen is an operational priority in busy hospitals or care facilities. Spotless laundries provide a comprehensive linen service for over 45,000 hospital beds across Australia and New Zealand. We supply over 10,000 sterile and non-sterile packs of linen per week to operating theatres, day stay units and clinics. The packs include drapes, barrier fabric, disposable products, linen wraps and gowns. We manage the collection, laundering and return of linen as well as portering services.


In partnership with industry experts we design and manufacture a range of tough, high visibility and specialist workwear to a commercially launderable standard. All of our garments comply with Australian and New Zealand standards of durability and industrial performance and represent exceptional value for money. We understand that high risk work environments demand the very best in protective clothing. We’ve developed a range of food industry and catering workwear which is durable, easily laundered and meets the highest quality and hygiene standards. Individual garment tracking systems allow us to allocate a uniform to a particular person and track its usage. When clients outsource the laundry and management of their workwear they can be confident their employees will have uniforms that are clean and ready to wear every day. We wash workwear, replace any damaged garments and deliver it anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Linen supply and management

Spotless is a leader in linen design, choice, quality and durability. Depending on the scale of the operation, clients can choose to have linen provided or buy from a competitive range. Products include sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, napkins and tablecloths. The range varies in quality from standard hospital grade to 5-star hotel requirements. With our managed linen service, we control and manage the delivery of clean, crisp linen across Australia and New Zealand.

Accommodation and hospitality linen

Clean, fresh, quality linen improves a guest’s stay and dining experience. We offer laundry services to meet all commercial needs. Our linen management system ensures that the correct volume of linen is available when required. We offer the provision of high quality linen supply with a full laundry service.

Mitchell Brown | General Manager Growth & Development – Laundries |
New Zealand
David Phyn | General Manager, Laundries – NZ |