Spotless’ Indigenous Employment Program

Spotless collaborated with a major bank to implement our Indigenous Employment Program, welcoming four Indigenous employees, Star Daley, Naomi Daley, Damien Seden and Jesse Gleeson-Johns, to the site.

Our Indigenous employees will undertake and receive:

  • Classroom modules;
  • Work experience with on-the-job training;
  • Job placement;
  • Ongoing mentoring from Spotless, and;
  • Ongoing training opportunities.

With the Program in place, Spotless hopes to encourage further corporate employment opportunities for our Indigenous employees.

Thank you to our Workforce Planning Manager, Jen Huxley, Indigenous Recruitment Consultant, Moana Matthew, and National Client Relationship Manager, Kosta Ganotis, for successfully implementing the Program.

About Spotless’ Indigenous Engagement Program

Spotless is committed to developing relationships of trust and respect with Indigenous communities across Australia through the Indigenous Engagement Program. We openly engage with Indigenous communities to achieve successful Indigenous Engagement, supporting the needs of our clients and the Indigenous community.

We focus on fostering employment and business opportunities for Indigenous Australians in all areas of our operations. With our unique mix of locations, services and demographic spread, our workforce is incredibly diverse.