Spotless announces major health milestones in South Australia

Spotless is a member of the consortium that has successfully completed mobilisation at Australia’s most technologically advanced health facility, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH). On June 13, operating consortium Celsus announced the Public Private Partnership (PPP) had reached Commercial Acceptance, following an extensive and successful 90-day testing and commissioning period. This marks the culmination of over six years’ work with the Government of South Australia and ProjectCo partners; Spotless, DXC Technology and Hansen Yuncken Leighton Contractors (HYLC).

As Facility Manager, Spotless will deploy more than 700 staff as it commences service delivery. The team will provide 15 support services, such as asset maintenance and management, catering and hospitality, cleaning and laundry management. The new RAH features state-of-the-art clinical and support technologies, including Automated Guided Vehicles to transport food, linen and stores throughout the hospital, as well as inventory management and meal management systems.

Spotless has participated in the design and construct phase in addition to leading the mobilisation of facilities management services.

In addition, Spotless is pleased to acknowledge the extension of our essential support services contracts at three Metropolitan Adelaide hospitals through to at least 31 December 2017. We are proud to continue our long association with Flinders Medical Centre, Modbury Hospital and Women’s and Children’s local health network.