Spotless features in Supply Management magazine

Stephen Rowe, Group General Manager of Procurement and Property, featured in Supply Management magazine, discussing the value of continuous learning and personal development in procurement.

With more than 20 years’ experience in procurement, Stephen shared his advice:

“My role has become more about creating possibilities for the procurement team to go in on the ground and get the savings. You need to have the soft skills, such as the ability to read a room and body language, how to negotiate and have empathy and influencing skills.

I always put my team in a series of courses, within the industry and out. The value comes from them implementing the learning to their day-to-day work. Applying the learning as you go embeds it in your mind and it becomes a habit.”

With today’s workforce getting more and more competitive, companies are not only looking towards a strong combination of technical skills in candidates, but also a diverse mix of soft skills like relationship management, negotiation skills, communication skills, empathy and influencing skills.

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