Spotless Health sector’s successful mobilisation at Royal Rehab

Spotless’ Health sector recently completed a successful mobilisation at Royal Rehab – The Rehabilitation and Disability Support Network in Ryde, New South Wales.

Under the contract, Spotless provides food, cleaning, linen, security, waste, grounds and hard facilities management services.

Spotless Contract Manager at Royal Rehab, Brett Burns, said:

“Our client and facility users have reacted very positively to our fresh cook approach. This change presents clients with fresher food that has a better taste, more vibrant colour and overall improved quality and satisfaction in their mealtime experience.”

The sector’s success in mobilising the contract is based on our ability to deliver a high quality food service offering with strong safety, governance and systems.

Congratulations to Brett Burns, Brigid Bradley, Jonathan Woodman, Donna Closky, Monica Karim, Harshendu Mankad, Amit Malhotra, Rhonda Mardini, Richard Luksic, Tony Rossi, Tae Baker, Stuart Rosen, the B&I team and all support services for their contribution and hard work.

(L-R): Craig Wearne (Royal Rehab), Spotless Contract Manager Brett Burns, National Operations Manager Brigid Bradley, Head Chef Harshendu Mankad and Food Development Manager Donna Closky.