Spotless is proud to support the MPavilion 2016

Spotless is proud to support the MPavilion 2016, designed by Indian architect, Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, and take part in contributing to Melbourne’s increasingly sophisticated architectural landscape.

Every year, a temporary pavilion designed by a leading international architect is erected in Melbourne’s historic Queen Victoria Gardens as part of the architecture commission and design event created by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation. For four months, beginning October, the MPavilion will be a design and cultural hub for more than 400 free public events including talks, workshops, performances and installations.  It will then be moved to a permanent new home within Melbourne’s CBD, contributing to the legacy of architectural creations in the city’s landscape.

MPavilion 2016 uses 7km of bamboo, 50t of stone, and 26km of rope to encapsulate Jain’s expression of traditional craftsmanship and human connectedness. Go and check it out at