Spotless receives Certificate of Thanks

Spotless was recently presented with a Certificate of Thanks, recognising our support and sponsorship of Role Models and Leaders Australia (RMLA).

We proudly support RMLA’s leadership, sports and education programs that assist Indigenous youth who suffer from poverty, sickness, misfortune, or a disconnectedness from their community.

RMLA CEO, Ricky Grace, expressed gratitude towards Spotless:

“It’s the valuable support and partnership with Spotless that enables us to make a real difference, not only to those that benefit directly from the program, but also the lives of others across their families and communities. These benefits are not just seen today but will be impactful for years to come”.

RMLA Director of Corporate Relations, Johanna Ramsay, noted that the artwork on the Certificate was completed by around 50 of the girls who participate and benefit from the RMLA program. Each of the individual segments of the artwork depict a part of each of the girls’ story.

Spotless General Manager of Operations Western Australia, Brian Griffin, accepted the Certificate on our behalf, having seen firsthand the work that RMLA provides at Clontarf Girls’ College in Perth:

“The pastoral care that [RMLA]…provide[s] these students is exceptional. I have the privilege of sitting on the program’s steering committee at Clontarf Girls’ College in Perth and have witnessed firsthand how this program changes lives. It’s not just about making sure the girls get an education by attending the school, it’s about giving them life skills that will open up pathways now, and in the future”.