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Rolling up our sleeves

Hands on and doing what it takes to get the job done properly for our customers but also for one another. Our attitude is one of “can do” not “might do”. We work hard always.

This award recognises an individual or team that delivers exceptional customer service and is focused on delivering quality service to our customer (which may also include our customers’ customers). They achieve this by “going the extra mile” showing persistence in achieving goals and assuming responsibility and accountability for one’s work to regularly exceed customer expectations.

Putting people first

Respecting, supporting, inspiring and understanding those we work with day in, day out. We put the safety of ourselves, our colleagues and our customers first as we aim for zero harm in the workplace.

Our culture is one that’s built on teamwork, encouragement, investing in people and helping each other to always be our best and enjoy our jobs so that we as a company have the capability to provide great customer experiences.

We are ethical, trustworthy and reliable. This award recognises exemplary teamwork or an outstanding team development initiative that demonstrates our customers benefit through individuals and teams working together, supporting and understanding each other, respecting diversity and sharing experiences and knowledge.

Leading not following

Moving with the times, setting the pace, always leading by example and doing this in anticipation of meeting and exceeding our customer needs. Our proud story is one of constant evolution, rising to challenges and aspiring to be the benchmark. We are highly capable experts with extensive experience.

This award is focused on developing and sharing customer innovation, and recognises an outstanding individual or team achievement or contribution to a quality improvement initiative or outcome demonstrating that we can anticipate and proactively respond to customer needs.

Finding better ways

Bringing fresh ideas to the table, embracing curiosity and thinking creatively with a customer centric mindset to change the game at any and every opportunity.

Our passion for customer centric innovation means that we’re always looking to improve what we do and asking ourselves how we can make better ways to meet the needs of our customers.

This award highlights that continuous learning: creativity and innovation are integral to the success of our company in delivering services to our customers and sustainability of our organisation.

This award recognises an individual or team that demonstrates an open attitude towards ongoing improvement and an ability to proactively introduce new and creative approaches to activities, work processes and services in response to new industry, environment and community opportunities and needs.

Making every dollar count

We are all accountable for the responsible management of Spotless and client assets and recognise our obligations for careful management of Spotless and client expenditure. Providing an optimum return on investment to our shareholders is always top of mind and shapes how financial decisions are made.

This award recognises accountability and the efficient use of resources and assets, outstanding initiatives, services, or business development achievements, which demonstrate that individuals and teams are accountable to their colleagues, the company, and our shareholders. It is relevant as Spotless strives to drive an operating model that is customer centric, while remaining cost efficient and agile.


We aim to achieve zero harm in the workplace. Our primary responsibility is to minimize the risk of harm or injury to any person while conducting our business. We achieve this by making risk based safety management a priority which drives desired behaviors and their outcomes. Our achievements in continuously improving workplace safety ensures injuries are prevented and reinforces the reputation of Spotless with its customers and the community as a partner that takes its responsibilities seriously.

This Award recognizes excellence in the prevention, identification and implementation of workplace health and safety and well-being improvement initiatives by an individual or team including the engagement of staff in this achievement.