Driving innovation for our customers and within our people

Advancement of digital technologies is increasing at a rapid rate, providing the opportunity for new technical, digital and engineering solutions that drive growth and deliver customer value. We are focused on bringing innovative solutions to our customers by leveraging emerging technology and developing an entrepreneurial culture that results in new products, services, and an enhanced customer experience.

Our innovation agenda centres on enabling growth through developing and commercialising new smart technology solutions across a range of sectors, focused on:

Some of our solutions:

Customer Experience

Ordering Apps
We offer food and drink ordering apps at a number of our locations for time-pressed customers. Customers can order and pay for goods on their mobile and pick them up when they are ready.

Virtual Reality
We have partnered with an immersive media start-up to create 3D tours and virtual reality experiences of our facility spaces, allowing our customers to ‘walk through’ our facility spaces remotely.

Service Excellence

We are harnessing emerging drone technology to improve safety, efficiency and accuracy in high risk inspections such as rooftops, gutters, fencing and bridges. We are also exploring the use of this in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence, to optimise the way in which we perform repairs and maintenance.

IoT Sensor Monitoring
Our IoT sensor monitoring solution enables us to remotely and wirelessly monitor asset conditions for effective proactive maintenance. Sensors send data in real time to the dashboard so our staff can respond immediately when an asset’s condition changes. Read more

Automated Guided Vehicles
We have deployed automated guided vehicles at major hospitals across Australia. This robotic technology is used to move supplies around hospitals on predetermined paths.

BlueTrack Beacon Tracking
Spotless’ digital people tracking solution is powered by beacon technology and can map the location of employees in real time. It is currently used at a number of locations, including airports and shopping centres and has applications across cleaning, security and maintenance.

Spotless Advanced Metering
We recently launched a new metering model, Spotless Advanced Metering (SAM), to help the utilities sector respond to changing regulatory, technological and digital data environments. SAM delivers a simple, efficient, scalable, whole-of-life metering proposition, which is delivered by a single contract, interface and fee.

Skilltech SmartPipe
Managing traditional standpipes has been a long term concern to water businesses across Australia. Our Skilltech SmartpipeTM is a fully managed hydrant access service with patented in-built technology. The cloud-connected, portable water pump remotely monitors water usage from council and water corporation hydrants in real time, making billing and verification more accurate and addressing the problems of unaccounted water usage.

Energy Solutions ‘as a Service’
We aim to operate more sustainably and help our clients do the same. We have an end-to-end LED lighting replacement solution which includes ongoing maintenance, priced as a monthly fee. We can also implement any Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions, including solar pv panels, co-gen and tri-gen generators and solar hot water systems — for improved energy and water efficiency.

Culture of Innovation

Future Trend Immersion Sessions
We run immersive sessions for our clients and our people that present potential business challenges in a rapidly changing world. These sessions explore emerging trends to understand what they mean for Spotless and our clients, and the opportunities they present.

Spotless Innovation Framework
Our Innovation Framework supports our people to identify, assess, manage and implement new ideas as part of contract delivery. Our staff can also submit and share ideas online — across sectors, sites and roles – through our online Innovation Management Platform, InnovationSpot.

Building our Innovation Ecosystem

Ducere Business School Alliance
Our partnership with Ducere Business School sees us work with a group of MBA students each trimester on a real-life Spotless project – providing them with invaluable industry experience and opportunity to stretch their ideas towards genuine innovation. We also provide scholarships for our people to complete an MBA in Innovation and Leadership.

IoT Hackathon
In 2016, Spotless Hack at the ‘G invited Australia’s creative minds in the tech and start-up communities to create solutions to real problems and enhance Spotless’ customer offering across different sectors. Participants were supported by our technical experts and world class mentors to compete for over $30,000 in cash and prizes.