Utilities – Power

We are a leading provider of services and innovative products to power utilities, including:

Electrical and Gas Metering

Through Spotless brand Skilltech, we manage electrical and gas metering services across Australia. These include:

  • Cyclic, off cycle, and special meter reading, final reads and property inspections
  • Meter disconnections and reconnections
  • Embedded, sub metering and contestable metering services
  • Smart metering installation, replacement and maintenance
  • Solar metering

We visit about 275,000+ homes per day around Australia. After 25 years of exceptional service, we ensure that our experienced metering professionals are trained, equipped and mobilised to deliver integrated metering solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial markets Australia-wide.

We are a trusted leader for meter provisioning, data capture and information insights. Our approach combines advanced safety monitoring with innovative data capture solutions and a strong customer focus.

Street Light Maintenance and Globe Replacement

Spotless continues to prove ourselves as one of Australia’s most trusted lighting partners, building sound client relationships. Each year, we perform lighting services for approximately 128,000 lights.

Services include:

  • Bulk lamp/globe replacement
  • Road patrols
  • Cyclic inspections
  • Streetlight audits
  • LED installations with smart control technology
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Repairs and circuit testing
  • Condition monitoring and analysis
  • Proximity testing
  • Data capture programs
  • Automated monitoring
  • Smart monitoring systems

Pole Reinstatement

Our propriety RFD Pole Reinstatement System™ is an environmentally friendly and lower cost alternative to pole replacement. It employs a “positive bolted system” of ferrules and bolts to reinstate a pole’s optimum strength. This innovative system can extend pole life for up to twenty years and is easily installed in the most inaccessible of terrains.

Continuous innovation has led Spotless brand UAM (Utility Asset Management) to design and manufacture the BRFD non-invasive Band-Plate process, which allows safe and cost effective reinstatement of damaged or substandard poles. The BRFD System offers full structural support for defective poles with no sound wood at or below ground level. In addition, it eliminates the requirements to attach the nail through the pole with bolts and screws.

Both our RFD and BRFD Pole Reinstatement Systems are based on sound engineering design calculations and have been tested to industry standards by independent advisors.

Asset Inspection

We perform asset inspection services across Australia, with both standalone contracts and bolt on services. We have been a proven provider of these services since 2001 and now run holistic inspection services encompassing both above and underground inspections.

Spotless brand UAM perform a variety of inspection services, including metal, concrete and wooden poles, above and underground, transmission, vegetation and visual inspections for different sites. Across these services, UAM provide inspection data for around 171,000 sites each year.

Vegetation Management

We are experienced in the rapid mobilisation of vegetation, arborist and horticultural services for utilities, councils, developers and corporate customers. In 2016 we serviced 215,000 trees, undertaking removal, revegetation and environmental initiatives. Our service lines include:

  • Landscape design
  • Arborist reports and assessments
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Soft and hard landscaping
  • Turf rectification and repair works
  • Tree planting
  • Irrigation systems
  • Hydro mulching
  • Jute mesh installation
  • Erosion control systems

Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Building, upgrading and maintaining electrical networks with minimal supply interruption is our speciality. Our services include planning and design, logistics, resource management, major construction, maintenance, 24/7 faults, emergency response management and comprehensive ‘QA’ reporting.

Spatial System, Technical and Design Solutions

Spotless has the experience, expertise and proven track record to deliver innovative spatial data and design solutions to public, private and government entities in the mining, energy and telecommunications sectors. Our services include integration of traditional methods, Light Detection and Ranging services (LIDAR) and spatial data with geographic information system and computer-aided design environment. We also have the capability to perform terrestrial laser scanning which can assist clients for railway powerline crossings, pole-top surveys and feature surveys.

Service Mains Replacement

We have the experience to quickly identify and deliver the resources required to ensure the safe and reliable operation of client low voltage service mains replacement programs. Our detailed inspection and test process complies with all network standards, and our step-by-step installation process ensures compliance with safety regulations. We are experts in the inspection, testing and replacement of overhead service mains and associated consumer mains.


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