Spotless is a proven partner for the long term.

Our first Public Private Partnership (PPP) was awarded in 2002 and since then our contracts have grown to 17 PPP projects across the Healthcare, Education, Defence, Corrections and Leisure sectors. We are known for our value for money approach and innovative management of an asset’s life cycle. Our experienced team focus on our customers’ needs every day, develop innovations that make a difference, and operate with a mindset to take care of valued assets for the long term.

We are Australia and New Zealand’s leading Social Infrastructure Public Private Partner across sectors including:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Defence
  • Exhibition and leisure facilities
  • Correctional facilities
  • Government housing

PPP services we provide

  • Dedicated contract management and stakeholder engagement
  • Day to day soft services and maintenance
  • Whole-of-life asset management (over 25-35 years)
  • Design phase interface with builders, ensuring long term maintenance and building efficiencies


Spotless’ management of assets starts at the design phase of a public private partnership. We draw on our proven experience to add value upfront. Improvements, innovations and initiatives may be introduced at any stage in the life cycle of an asset.

Improved financial performance—improved services, outputs, return on investment and reduced costs can result without sacrificing short or long-term organisational performance. This can also lead to the preservation of asset value.

Managed risk—improved safety, minimised environmental and social impact, resulting in reduced liabilities such as insurance premiums, fines and penalties.

Improved services and outputs—consistently matching the needs and expectations of the customer and achieving required service levels.

Corporate/ social responsibility—improved ability to demonstrate socially responsible and ethical business practices within the organisation’s community.

Demonstrated compliance—transparent conformity with requirements and adherence to asset management standards, statutory (including occupancy certificates / building warranties of fitness), policies and processes can be achieved.

Enhanced reputation—through improved customer satisfaction, stakeholder awareness and confidence.

Improved organisational sustainability—appropriate handling of short and long-term effects, expenditures and performance can improve sustainability of operations and the organisation.

Jamie Boulton | Executive General Manager, Strategy, Growth & Innovation |
New Zealand
James Kafanelis | Executive General Manager, Utilities |

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